15th November - Scorpio. I'm into mostly video games and anime so you will see a LOT of that to be honest.
I like certain art styles and such as long as it catches in my general interests.
Oh yeah, I love to draw but how much depends on motivation/mood so there isn't a lot. Other than that, please enjoy your stay! I don't bite strangers but I gnaw friends at times when I'm in the mood.
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1st episode of the season and things already went face first into oblivion

that last episode for season 1 was too much

i hate this show i can’t wait to watch season 2

watching space dandy again like


I’ve wanted to do an anime redraw for sometime now ; u ;


winning against a friend but then seeing they are genuinely upset


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"what do you want to do with your life?"image


sometimes i feel like people with a whole lot of followers see a good post by someone without a whole lot of followers and go 

i’m gonna make you famous

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People be wanting the character roster to be like



>watching subbed anime

>switch tabs

>remember that i cant understand japanese